Premium Domains and SEO Relevance

Golf Balls Online

Premium Domains and SEO Relevance As we approach 2016 one of the most important things we now know for any 21st century business is having an online presence. While everyone apparently has access to the internet from their phone, Tablet, Mac or PC, getting a foothold on the internet sometimes proves too difficult for you […]

Tradition is what makes golf what is ……..but

Old and new golf traditions

Golf is a game of many rules and traditions, some going back to the early 16th century although the game may have been created in the late 1400’S, but fortunately common sense prevails and changes occur. For instance “To be stymied” was a situation on the putting green in which an opponent’s ball is blocking […]

Life Beyond .Com ~ The Golf Domains Perspective

Life beyond .com

Will all know .com, .net, .org and .gov which have been around for some 20 years for commercial use. But until 2013 there were only 22 Top Level Domains (TLD’s) and good domains have become harder and harder to find. In 2012 ICANN (the nonprofit Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) decided to open […]