Golf.Domains is the brain child of Nick Simpson who is a self confessed golf nut and domain name reseller based in Jupiter, Florida.

It was late 2013 when Nick noticed he had collected an awful lot of golf related domain names, our team, all avid golfers and internet nurds (their words) agreed that a website with just golf domains should be the next big project.

So Nick did what he loves most, played golf and bought even more golf related domains! We bought domains at auction, purchased domains during early release (Sunrise) periods and bartered with other domain resellers to compile the largest collection of premium golf related domains in the world.

During 2015 the .Golf Top Level Domain (TLD) was released and Golf.Domains was lucky enough to have won some of the best .Golf domains names available including the very desirable www.1.Golf  www.Amateur.Golf ,www.Texan.Golf, www.SexyGolf and www.Custom.Golf.

2014 and 2015 saw the release of many new TLD’s and we took the bull by the horns and worked out that some awesome domain names were possible and although not originally thought to be specifically in the golfing niche the domains we bought fitted perfectly. When the .One extension came out, we bid and won www.AHoleIn.One. The TLD .Tips came out and again we were successful with several premium golf related domains including www.JuniorGolf.Tips and www.Bunker.Tips. Having businesses in the USA and the UK and being well travelled he also purchased localized versions of many domains, www.SandTrap.Tips for example and (To Like Golf in Mandarin, Chinese).24ct Golf

With nearly $2,000,000 in golf related domains in our inventory we believe we have domains to suit every single facet of the golf world whether you work in it ,www.GreenKeeper.School, play in it,, sell it, www.ProV1s.Com, build it, www.GolfCourse.Construction, are a patriot of the game, www.Arnies.Army, or report on it, www.Golfs.News, we have a domain for you.

Golf.Domains are also brokers for other domain speculators, both private and commercial, and are always on the look out for new golf related domain names, so why not get your golf domain appraised and have us sell it for you?

We also lease our Golf related domains, so if you are starting up a golf business and the domain you really want is not quite in your budget we have 3 – 5 year lease deals with the option to buy at the end of the period.

We love to see people succeed and will do our utmost to help. With years of experience in digital marketing ( we will not only deliver the domain you want but we will also build you a fully responsive website and market it for you too!

We look forward to working with you and helping you find the perfect domain name for your requirements.