Will all know .com, .net, .org and .gov which have been around for some 20 years for commercial use. But until 2013 there were only 22 Top Level Domains (TLD’s) and good domains have become harder and harder to find. In 2012 ICANN (the nonprofit Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) decided to open a window to allow applicants to apply for pretty much any top-level domain extension they wanted. .taxi, .finance, .sexy, etc.Life beyond .com

Amongst these new TLD’s was .Golf. This new piece of digital real estate is now available and prices start at around $50 each with premium domains going for up to. These new TLDs will change the way people find information on the Internet and how businesses plan and structure their online presence. Internet address names will be able to end with almost any word in any language, offering organizations around the world the opportunity to market their brand, products, community or cause in new and innovative ways.

So how did .golf come about?  Back in June 2011 ICANN approved the introduction of new Generic Top Level Domains. The domain extension went to auction because more than one person wanted the TLD. Donuts was one of four groups wanting the .Golf extension and came out the eventual winners. The cost remains confidential but rumor has it that it was well into 7 figures so they obviously feel it will be a successful domain extension (As do we). We also believe we are one of the largest domain holders of Premium Golf Domains .Golf being paramount in our TLD extension choice.

The .Golf domain was subsequently released in July 2015 and initial signs are they are on to a winner. Known domain brokers and speculators have made significant investments in these new Top level Domains and they are already being seen at top on line industry auctions.

Our belief is that .Golf, as with all the new Top Level Domain will take some time to be accepted by the general public. I dare say that further investment is required by the TLD owners to make the general public aware of the variety of extensions available. With all the extra income ICANN have maybe this should fall on their doorstep?

We had a recent case where we were hired to scour the digital world for a clients’ newly acquired golf club’s domain as she does not like their current .net. She had asked for www.********GolfClub.com. We found that the current owners are based in Scotland, have had the domain for 15 years and do not want to sell. (At any price!) We located ********Golf.Club and thought this was a very great alternative. Her reaction was not what we expected………..


The client then asked us to offer a ridiculous amount of money for the .com version, which the existing owners are now thinking on, so much for the “At any price!”. Watch this space!

A couple of weeks ago the new TLD .Online was released and was one of the quickest of newly released domain extensions to reach 50,000 in sales, this accomplished in less than 7 days!

I would hope that these sales are not all to speculators and that marketing professionals are seeing that there is life beyond the .com

Swing well guys!

Nicky Sinniti

p.s. Google have just started promoting their www.abc.xyz Alphabet project so maybe the ball will start to roll?