Premium Domains and SEO Relevance

As we approach 2016 one of the most important things we now know for any 21st century business is having an online presence. While everyone apparently has access to the internet from their phone, Tablet, Mac or PC, getting a foothold on the internet sometimes proves too difficult for you to do alone. Here we recommend a good SEO consultant. Having a good SEO consultant can help you get your message heard by a wider audience and help you improve your search engine rankings. If you are just thinking about launching a new website then you will REALLY appreciate this post as will your SEO Consultant!!
Firstly you need to come up with a great domain name, this will make his or her job significantly easier.

A memorable domain name

Coming up with a memorable domain name will be an invaluable asset for any future marketing endeavors. Having a memorable domain name can be a marketing campaign on all on its own and really appreciated by any marketing directors. A memorable domain is the first step towards transforming your website into a brand. If you offer a great service or merchandise it won’t do you much good if you cannot spread the word. By having preset online constraints, a good SEO consultant can help you improve your page rank and in doing so search engines will help people find you easier.

Stay meaningful

Having a memorable domain name is always important, a recent study showed that 6 out of 10 people don’t read past the headlines on 95% of the content on the internet. All so well and good but when you and your would-be clients are online your domain name is no less than a headline. Getting my point? Your domain needs to state something, something meaningful. So don’t be afraid use your product or niche in the domain name you choose. In the SEO business this is known as exact match domains, as the domain matches search terms (Keywords) used by would be clients. So anyone who comes across your domain will know that they are in the right place. We call this the “Bloody Obvious.” ;0)

Being creative

The biggest problem encountered in the last 3 years or so has been the difficulty in finding the .Com version of the domain you have come up with. Pretty much all the sharpest and most memorable domain names have been snapped up and brand owners have taken anything that sound like it too. So you can spend hours sitting putting in domains in GoDaddy hoping beyond hope that you find that .Com. problem is you are spending more time concerned about what is available, than really thinking about would work for you. Fast forward to December 2015 and 1200+ new Top Level Domain name extensions (TLD’s) are available start thinking a bit outside of the box, you will realize that not only are these new domain extensions as good, but in many instances they are BETTER!

New TLD’s Golf Balls Online

So you have a new set of golf clubs and your company is called Sterling Golf clubs LLC. has gone, has gone, has gone, and your CEO says we must have a .Com so you buy WRONG! Just get some back bone and tell your CEO you have found Sterling.Golf, that’s the way our brand will be built. Be an early adopter not a sheep! Sterling.Golf is so much better than any .Com, trouble is people do not see that yet. Mark our words come 2017 those early adopters will be profiting from having the foresight and guts to lead and not follow.

Try to keep away from numbers

So in trying to overcome the shortage in .Com domains people have resorted to using numbers in their domain name, not the best idea in most cases. Numbers can cause a lot of confusion with your audience. Imagine they have heard your advert on the radio, “For more information go to our website,” So the audience now wonders is it,,, or Buying multiple versions of the same domain and placing a forward in place can work but isn’t it easier to have a domain that is Obvious! Having to try three different URL’s before they find your site is not a good start to anyone’s buying experience.

In conclusion

We are all looking for a competitive edge, having a great domain name will give you that edge. Having a domain something like www.GolfBalls.Online tells people you are offering Golf Balls Online. It has exact match keywords and is memorable. Your website needs SEO and in order to get optimal results you need a proper foundation, primary importance here is the need in coming up with a great domain name.
Don’t underestimate the true value a great domain name, it is the very foundation of an online presence and should be an asset where SEO is concerned not a liability.