Have a Golf Related Domain you would like to sell?

Then let us sell your golf themed domain for you.

So you bought a golf related domain name years ago with every intention of building a website and monetizing it by selling advertising space. You just didn’t get round to it or if you thought about selling the domain through someone else the fees were too high so your return was very little. With us you keep 90%!!

Our team here at Golf Domains will assess your Golf Domain name and give you a realistic market guide line. We can also create landing pages on your domain (Optional Extra) so if would-be clients type the domain into a browser they will see a nice page advising them that YOUR domain is for sale, how much you want, if you are willing to accept an offer and who to contact rather than one of GoDaddy’s parking pages which does not help you sell your golf domain.

Please complete the form below and one of our specialists will call you and give an appraisal on the domain and  then you will be on the way to selling your golf domain.

Our commission is 10% which is only due once your domain has been sold!    We even pay the Escrow charges!

So what are you waiting for ….SELL YOUR GOLF DOMAIN today!


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