Golf is a game of many rules and traditions, some going back to the early 16th century although the game may have been created in the late 1400’S, but fortunately common sense prevails and changes occur.Old and new golf traditions

For instance “To be stymied” was a situation on the putting green in which an opponent’s ball is blocking the line between the hole and the ball about to be played.  If that ball lay directly in the way to the hole of the ball to be played then the player was ‘stymied. He could try to play around or over the interfering ball, but if the nearer ball was struck, no penalty ensued. However, the opponent had the option of playing the ball as it lay or replacing it.   If the nearer ball had been knocked into the hole the opponent was considered to have holed out with his previous stroke.

It took until 1950 to be  abolished by USGA but  it was not finally abolished worldwide until 1952  in the joint Rules of Golf at least it has not taken that long to see that there needed to be some changes to domain name extensions. The venerable golfers at the Royal And Ancient have  and The US PGA have . Since the early days of the internet .com has always been the preferred domain extension for companies and sportsmen & women alike, and to name a few, but three years ago it was decided by ICANN, the internet body, that you could have pretty much any extension if you were willing to pay.

Some really good domain extension came out as a result of this and today you can purchase domains that end in .Golf, .Club, .Online, .Center. .ForSale, .Expert, .Guru, .Media, .News, .Company, .Fit, .Tips, .School, .WTF and .Chat to name a few. There now over 1,000 Top Level Domain extensions (TLD’s) available so now you can have a marketing directors dream domain that was not possible 5 years ago and not going to cost you 100’s of thousands of $’s, £‘s or ‘s !

The .Golf TLD has been accepted extremely well by the golf industry and players alike with the world’s best capturing their names for brand protection or for new web presence. Google and Apple both purchasing large quantities from the range of new TLD’s even though Apple has purchased .Apple as an extension.

We are traditionalist here but also have adapted with time, so while have we also have RNA.Golf for the early adopters.

Some of the domain extensions that have worked really well with new extensions are:

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